Business growth can only be achieved through successful marketing. Marketing is more than a brochure, an advertisement or a website. It is the complete process of defining objectives, analyzing the marketplace, finding an audience, creating a strategy and implementing it.
Only after these steps have been fully resolved is it time to create the concrete marketing materials that will be seen by your current clients and target markets.

With our comprehensive programs we help your company develop a customized marketing plan that addresses your current business objectives. We then assist you in executing the plan through all relevant marketing channels. Our mission is to provide you with the focus and expertise to reach your business goals

direct marketing

Utilized independently, direct marketing can be an effective tool for building and reinforcing a brand, generating sales, and increasing revenue while developing and managing customer relationships. But when the direct discipline is seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive marketing plan, it becomes something more. It becomes a secret weapon.

By creating and sustaining an intimate knowledge of your customer - and the role your brand plays in their lives - we can generate lists, offers and messages that resonate with them in a very personal way. Segmentation is the key to winning direct. Because we study your customer so closely, we are able to craft a segmentation matrix that gives us a 360-degree perspective. Demographics. Psychographics. Past purchase patterns. Expected lifetime customer value. And much more. B-design & Marketing offers a wide range of direct marketing services, geared to your specific marketing goals and needs.

Marketing Research

As with most elements of business, marketing is only as good as the research itís based on. B-design & Marketing helps its clients obtain the information vital to making complete, accurate, and comfortable marketing decisions.

Advertising Spending

We can obtain business-to-business statistics on how much your competition spent in the past year and where they spent their advertising dollars.

Industry Ad Spending

We report on what a particular industry spends on advertising as a percentage of sales, a percentage of margins, and the different trends within that industry.